Know Your Voice


I wanted to look at the way I teach voice from a more systematic perspective,

so I started building a vocal learning system that compiles what I have learned through my last 25 years of voice training.

Especially I wanted to understand what I had learned over the last 10 years of teaching others (500+ students) how to use their voice for speech and singing.

I hope it casts a light on the complexity of expressing who you are with integrity through the use of your voice in speech and in song.

My system is practical and accessible to all who wish to learn how to sing or become a more efficient voice user, regardless of your current level.

​The fundamental ​and basic vocal exercises can be viewed by using the videos and reading the book.

I should mention that I am of the belief that EVERYONE can learn how to sing.

Some people have a head start called ‘talent’, while other people have physical, mental, spiritual or emotional obstacles keeping them from their potential,

but singing is a learned skill, and if you put in the effort and receive some qualified guidance you too can become a skilled vocal communicator.

My training and experience in singing, music, voice and speech, acting and dance/movement, plus my many years of traveling and reading books about the human physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth form my pedagogy in teaching and is the foundation for my method. It is not only a scientific approach. There are so many great scientific voice books and ‘methods’ already out there. I attempt to build a bridge over the gap between the sciences with consideration of our human-ness.

A bridge between the knowledge derived from different sciences and different intuitive and artistic skill sets.

I have received training in both very measurable and objective and formal ways and in the more intuitive, creative and subjective ways.

In reality, I believe you need to consider both when learning how to use your voice for human communication, and that they are equally important! 

With Love