'Anette is an amazing voice teacher!. She is incredibly knowledgeable and tailors each lesson to my specific needs. I went from being very shy and having little confidence to releasing my debut EP and playing regular shows around New York City.

I am so thankful to have found her'

- Lauren Jaimes

 Anette Nørgaard 

Anette has been a voice teacher of both speech and singing 

in New York City ​​for more than a decade.

She teaches vocal performance workshops, group classes and individual lessons.

She has recently released the book The Vocal Paradox about her teaching methods.

Anette is also a recording artist, a songwriter, an actor and a voice over artist.


Anette is originally from Denmark where she graduated from The Danish Academy of Musical Theater (2004). During her time at school she ended up with an injury on her vocal cords (a polyp) and subsequently had an operation. The efforts of fully recovering from her surgery spurred her into understanding vocal science, vocal pedagogy and a deep interest for 'the human condition' as it interacts with the voice.

As she recovered, she discovered that she now had a new set of tools she wish she had had as a young singer, and set out helping others understanding their voice,

and why they might not be accessing its full potential.

Anette is currently accepting new online clients.

Students out there killing IT!!

​​​​The Vocal Paradox:
Effective vocal communication is both instinctual and a learned skill.

Making communicative and connecting sound with our voice is one of the few things we can do when we are born - It is a deep rooted human survival instinct. 

Speech and Song is however learned skills; cognitive, chosen, manipulative and calculated 

- Even if for the most part, you learned and chose it subconsciously.

If you want to communicate, connect to, or make an impact on your surroundings by using your voice, you need to integrate and align these two seemingly contrasting and conflicting parts of the human voice.
The vocal paradox will teach you how to know, build and access your deeply individual,

expressive, truthful and authentic voice.

We explore the physical techniques to obtaining Core-sound, and we contemplate the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your work with your voice. 

We investigate what your perceived Vocal Identity does, and work at getting an expanded sense of what you can express about who you are and your perspective with your voice.

We dig deep into the human condition, and we find ways to explore how to become an excellent communicator that can take vocal performance to a new level​​.